Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Connecting With Yellow In Nature

Yellow is Hope and Happiness

Connecting with nature is something that we are falling in love with since few months now. Today, we chose to go on a nature walk to be friends with anything yellow in nature.

We picked a tiny yellow flower that captured our eyes.

We observed and discussed about leaves that had turned yellow. 

The sight where a stem of a baby bamboo tree that had turned yellow while other stems remained green was very captivating.

Then, we moved on friending something really yellow. We distinguished buds and fully blossomed flowers. We were also able to distinguish the buds that might bloom tomorrow and the other tiny buds that may not bloom tomorrow.

We were overawed to observe one more yellow friend who was fully bloomed and enjoyed a similar flower with some of the petals bloomed while others remained babies as yet.

We didn't skip the leaf that had yellow lines running across it.

We returned back home, enjoyed the evening breeze in our balcony, to capture one more yellow before we said farewell to the yellow in nature, only just for today. 

We know that our journey of connecting with nature will continue with more inspiring colours. If you are new to nature walking, this could be a first step for you. Taking a colour nature walk with your kids and family is the easiest, simplest and an inspiring one. Look for colours in general or a particular colour in nature and explore, connect and be blessed.

Enjoy Learning and Sharing


  1. Prabha i just loved ur journey to explore yellow colour from nature.While clicking yellow colour give really vibrant effect.

  2. Ashu, yes it is. Yellow is very vibrant and when we learn to find one in nature, we realize that nature is abundant. Thanks for sharing that your loved our simple yellow colour nature walk.

  3. I love yellow for the cheeriness it give! Beautiful pictures prabha!