Monday, 24 February 2014

Ambition Vs Connection

Learning happens when one is more connected with someone or something. When connection happens, learning becomes more meaningful. I observe that our son seem to be naturally inquiring the purpose behind each activity that we are involved. Not only children, but even when I work with adults, their learning pattern is more productive when they connect with what is purposeful for them. But mostly, parents and educators create ambition for a child. When we create ambition for learners, it becomes mere agendas and goals set by an external force. It becomes as something that needs to be done for someone else. The very prana/life giving force of learning is being killed. Ambition seem to create a lot of anxiety which sucks away the curiosity to look inward as well as to make connections. Slowly, the child gets used to the agendas and goals set by others and falls in line to compete and play the so called 'rat race'. I feel that, this attitude of child is conveniently called as the 'normalcy'. On the contrary, I notice that making connection helps a child to question and inquire; inquiry and questioning is the very essence of developing awareness and awareness leads to transformation. It gives a capacity to look inward leading to much more deeper learning. It may also lead the child to create her/his own ambition which is more meaningful to her/him. 

Enjoy Learning and Sharing.