Monday, 22 October 2012

Connecting With The Light

From Darkness To Light
It is a bliss to let go of the sense of urgency to accelerate the growth and development process of my child. When my child wants to sit in front of this light for many hours and just watch this radiating light with keen interest, I realize that he is learning. I muster patience to let go of the common opinion that he has to be completing some worksheets instead. The world will be better place if we could allow our children to slow down, pause to enjoy the birds chirping, connect with the light and the rain drops, listen to the frogs kwaking,  watch the candle melt until it is fully over and get dirty in the mud not just for one block of period but for longer hours. We have to believe that they are deeply learning, growing, healing and transforming. 

I wish the Goddess of Knowledge and Wisdom bestow Her blessings to the entire world. I imagine a world filled with wise and transformed learners of life.

Enjoy Learning and Sharing

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