Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Tie those knots and beads for a colourful streamer

I had brought back bundles of yarns from the craft stores. A sudden idea awakened our creative powers.  Making such crafts has always helped to integrate our head, heart and spirit. It has developed our imagination and has nourished our active thinking skills. 

I was amazed by the patience and will that my little boy demonstrated in gracefully creating this streamer. He had a very pleasant time making this colourful magic and it acted as the right opportunity for him to improve his hand skills too. I made one and gifted it to a child in our neighbourhood while my son kept his creation with himself. I also realized how much it is so easy to create simple colourful toys for children. There were days when I used to consume so much. All that was needed to make this streamer was a paper plate, a hole punching machine, beads and yarns. 

Enjoy Learning and Sharing

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